Frequently asked questions

What is Advance digital Marketing?

Advance digital marketing is building many machine learning algorithm and A.I functions to help you optimize your marketing Campaign and Yeild Maximum result for given Budget.

I am already getting results is it important for my Business to get Advance Technology integration?

Let, me answer it with a example. Suposse you are running google ads now you set some manual bid limits and your ads are running and you are buring money constantly at all time at same bids. But with advance marketing you can get google A.I work with your A.I and optimize ads every few minutes it will analyze even the smallest of changes and constantly keep your bids change thus giving you maximum results for your business it will find the best time, best keywords, best micro location which is higest result yeilding and keep your CPC low while geting maximum results. want such results. Well we do that.

Cost of Your Services?

Are you that price consious well congrates we are really agressive with our Pricing.We Build our prices based on the services and what the value the results worth for you. We Believe in long term Business not on one time profit making.

Can i keep the strategy that we Discuss in Free consultation Call?

I bet you can. Yes, We value your time we even can prepare a flow daigram and pdf that will explain everything but i guess once you come and talk you aren't going back.

What if You fail?

Yes that why we don't disturb your already runnung ads for a month while we battle test different ideas and build A.i tech and optimize them for your Digital property feed them for few weeks and than startes there magic.

Can I trust Earnoledge?

No, You don't untill we sit and talk and discuss the work once and you get satisfied you won't need a penny to spare on us.