Heavy metals can drastically disrupt children’s brain function leading to magnesium deficiency, poor memory, motor coordination and speech delays, parasite and candida overgrowth, inability to focus, chronic ear infections, vision problems, and more.

Excess heavy metals can also cause chronic ear infections, brain fog, poor memory, mood disorders, sleep dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, and a severe decrease in imagination.

The pineal gland plays an extremely important role in imagination and dreaming, and heavy metals couple with fluoride and weedkillers like Glyphosate to be shuttled across the Blood Brain Barrier, putting the pineal gland at risk and can cause extreme disruption in imagination and creativity.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need before my dog can use Go Buddy Run?

We require proof of rabies vaccination before we can service your pet. For dogs with pre-existing conditions or who are geriatric, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian before started them on a workout program.

How do you work out my dog?

We train each dog individually to become accustomed to the treadmills. We take a multi phased approach. As with most skills, beginning with an introductory period is critical. This phase is a great mental workout as your dog focuses on learning something for the first time. Many dogs will begin with a slow walk and gradually become accustomed to the treadmill before entering a quick trot. Once your dog has become accustomed to the treadmill and is confident in themselves, we begin to train with your dog to increase their pace. We use positive motivation and toys to really have fun and get their cardiovascular system going. We do this in burst throughout the 30 minute session to get the most out of their workout too.

How do the treadmills work without electricity?

Our slat mills (treadmills) are 100% dog powered. There are no motors or electricity making your dog go. They are in full control through their natural movement. Some of our slat mills are powered in order to engage the hydraulics to simulate an uphill walk or run.

Can both my dogs run at the same time?

Yes, but it does depend on their size. At them moment, we have a medium and large treadmill in our mobile gym. If they are both small or medium sized dogs, they can both run. We can only run one large dog at a time at the moment.

Do I need to be home for you to run my dog?

We prefer you be home until your dog is confident and in a routine. That could take a few runs or more. After that, we can arrange your dog’s workout even if you are not home. We offer additional services like feeding, potty breaks, and nail trimming services for your convenience.



Introducing Coseva’s Advanced TRS. A safe and painless way to help safely help remove heavy metals.


Because it’s a clean grown nanoparticle size zeolite bound inside of a water molecule, it can go anywhere water can, safely, and better than any other detox system.


A physical toxicity can also help create a disruption in the normal human thought process, making day to day living more difficult.  This can create excessive frustration dealing with normal day-to-day tasks.  For children this can make everyday decisions and emotional processing harder to regulate and keep focused.



A physical toxicity can help contribute to an emotional toxicity.  When there are environmental toxins in the mind, it has more trouble processing “normal” emotions and can make it more difficult to “let go” of these emotions.


A mind that is free of toxicity has enhanced clarity and better ability to make rational, long-term decisions – vs short term “instant gratification” decisions.  The pre-frontal cortex is responsible for long term planning and decision making and is especially susceptible to mercury toxicity.